What is VIP on Rusticaland and how to get it? (Prices included)

  • On Rusticaland as a VIP, you will be Provided with:

    1. New Kits, Including:
    "vip_starter" = Just a slightly better starter kit. Hatchet, Pickaxe, Furnace, Bed, Pants etc.
    "vip_clothes" = small kit with some clothes like pullover, Pants, Shoes.
    "vip_locks" = 2 Codelocks, 1 normal Lock. // Useable every few Hours.
    "vip_signs" = a few signs/pictures to express your feelings // Useable every few hours
    "vip_special" = 1 Supply signal // Useable once a Day (24H)

    2. New Commands :
    "/backpack" = a small "backpack" to put stuff inside // Drops on death!
    "/sil URL" = You can display a .JPG Picture on a sign, a banner or a picture from a URL!

    3. More TP/Home:
    HOME - Cooldown = 600s | Max 2 | 10TP DayLimit
    VIP - Cooldown = 300s | Max 4 | 20TP DayLimit
    TPR - Cooldown = 300s | Countdown 11s | 15TP DayLimit
    VIP - Cooldown = 150s | Countdown 7s | 30TP DayLimit
    SAFE - Cooldown 600s | Countdown 10s | 20TP DayLimit
    VIP - Cooldown 200s | Countdown 6s | 40TP DayLimit

    You will get a Room in the Safezone for yourself. This Room cannot be Raided or destroyed. Saved through your own combination in the Codelock.
    The Room contains 1 Vending Machine with 32 slots for storage/trade.

    5. Chat:
    You will get a [VIP] Tag + You get a different colour or in the Chat.


    To get full VIP status with every advantage, all you have to do is to Donate on Paypal.
    As donate Message, your Ingame Name of course so that we know who we have to promote.
    After that, you can just msg. any Admin Ingame or on Teamspeak/Discord/Twitter with a screenshot of the transaction :)

    2€ - Kids Box - 1 Week
    5€ - 1 Month
    10€ - 2 Month's
    20€ - 4 Month's
    50€ - LifeTime

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  • U posted as the same person from 2 accounts as I said on your other post . Ban appeal DENIED!

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    Okay i was banned for some reason maybe a glitch i was standing in my base opened my door and got glitched between 2 doors and flied and then got banned for reason Cheat Detected So if its a misunderstanding could you please unban me? my discord is:MatuxS#6620

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  • The fact that u admit using scripts in our server, and trying to join with a different steam under a different name, your ban appeal is DENIED!.

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