What is VIP about on Rusticaland?

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    On Rusticaland as a VIP, you will be Provided with:

    1. New Kits, Including:
    "vip_starter" = Just a slightly better starter kit. Hatchet, Pickaxe, Furnace, Bed, Pants etc.
    "vip_clothes" = small kit with some clothes like pullover, Pants, Shoes.
    "vip_locks" = 2 Codelocks, 1 normal Lock. // Useable every few Hours.
    "vip_signs" = a few signs/pictures to express your feelings // Useable every few hours
    "vip_special" = 1 Supply signal // Useable once a Day (24H)

    2. New Commands :
    "/backpack" = a small "backpack" to put stuff inside // Drops on death!
    "/sil URL" = You can display a .JPG Picture on a sign, a banner or a picture from a URL!

    3. More TP/Home:
    HOME - Cooldown = 600s | Max 2 | 10TP DayLimit
    VIP - Cooldown = 300s | Max 4 | 20TP DayLimit
    TPR - Cooldown = 300s | Countdown 11s | 15TP DayLimit
    VIP - Cooldown = 150s | Countdown 7s | 30TP DayLimit
    SAFE - Cooldown 600s | Countdown 10s | 20TP DayLimit
    VIP - Cooldown 200s | Countdown 6s | 40TP DayLimit

    You will get a Room in the Safezone for yourself. This Room cannot be Raided or destroyed. Saved through your own combination in the Codelock.
    The Room contains 1 Vending Machine with 32 slots for storage/trade.

    5. Chat:
    You will get a [VIP] Tag + You get a different colour or in the Chat.