VP45's Ban Appeal.

  • I was banned for "Speedhacking" don't even know how running around radtowns and hitting barrels counts as speedhacking anyways.

    I do not have any sort of cheats/scripts whatever, neither did I modify any of my rust files in any way.

    I think I should be unbanned because I was unfairly banned without any proper evidence, proof or questioning. Just straight up shot by a rocket out of nowhere the second I respawn a moderator is yelling at me in the chat accusing me of 'speedhacking' even though I did not before I could even react I got banned from the server.

  • Yea!! I have the video and 3 Fly violations in reports .... Good luck bye bye

  • And what evidence do you have that makes you think i am somehow hacking?

  • Oh sorry!!!!! I m forgot Jump hack!!!!!! i m sorry for you!!!
    Ban Appeal DENIED

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