un ban me please admin pls

  • hi my name fahad i play on server
    i report everyone hacks i make daily report
    and ilove server so much i play on it 14 hours everyday and my steamid abo_krema007
    i was do it i was on cave and there pepole coming to raid me and i go cave and killed 1 2 headshot with my ak and another one i kill him 1 headshot and 3 hit then i wait on the cave cuz i was so scared and there man come with smg and he killed me and toke all loot then i feel sad cuz i lost the stuff and i log off and now i try to connect it say just banned from server and i talk admin on discord he say i must make ban appeal and i really hope i get unban because i love play on server with so much players its funny and fun moment happen on it thank you

  • These are days that I observe your actions, and today I saw what I had to see to confirm that you're cheating !! I'm sorry for you but, Ban Appeal DENIED!
    Good luck :)

  • thats right. but still was prefire and keep spray for nothing :) how u know that.. im close to the cave entrance and why did you prefire me :D ? nice

    • admin go check logs
      he alredy told me im at cave and we going to raid you and when i go cave i killed one man and he not tari , then i wait and wait cuz tari he pm me and he say he at cave then i i wat and i eanter and shoot and i killed tari

    so you told me you at cave this not esp
    this is pm

  • me no hack no bad words no easp

  • This guy today just prefered me and m8's for nothing. esp confirmed.
    I hope staff never unban you!! :D

    Was me who got the 2. hs.. but i just wait in the cave FaHaD just jump down from the cave "roof" and prefire spray me down.. ;)

    we report him.. and looks like he got instant ban for cheating:D
    Great staff!

    • before i log off i spawn at my bed at base and turret kill me thats all

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  • I agree with Crushed about this:
    "" He does great work. But the front end / support stuff, is not one of his professions. ""
    Well .... My profession is hunting cheaters-hackers!
    you already have a ban for cheats on an old server, and you've been on my blacklist for a few weeks ...
    With all the evidence and all the reports I could give you immediate Permaban also on our server ... I was kind and I wanted to give you another chance, for 3 hours I wrote you to install our Launcher always asking "please".
    And you always invented absurd excuses !!
    Last thing, don't make chat conversation cuts just to get me
      look bad at all ... and you're a poor victim!
    And you're not ... You have to be honest ...
    Bye bye :)

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  • So I do have the use the Rusticaland launcher to play on the server?

    EDIT: This is the error I get every time I try and use the launcher. https://gyazo.com/6ba7eb568ec53f82128ed721f3fa706f

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  • Greetings.
    It is maybe true, that this is not a written rule that's displayed anywhere, and we are setup for it - so all players can join- ( not only with our launcher or client )
    But, as i already said and quote :
    "its not a basic rule .
    But if one player repeatedly gets reported by players + our plugins, shows suspicious behavior , he CAN use the launcher to prevent himself from being banned with false reason"

    That this just now happen in an unfortunate moment,- where the launcher is not yet fully bug-free , is just bad luck .

    Im currently working mostly of all my daily 24h time on the Launcher to get it ready asap.

    Therefor - you still can get unbanned, just have a bit of patience for the working launcher.

    And as an end-note i do have to apologize for some of the inappropriate behavior from Jkoko.
    He does great work. But the front-end / support stuff, is not one of his professions.

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