Vietnamese hacker

  • So I run out of my house and I forgot about my mines and I blow up , I go back out pick my shit and start running he peaks out of somewhere and I'm 123 down no miss , I'm like fine it happens.

    I go down to his house crouched with a pump action to camp his door , I don't even reach my position and he I can hear him going on the roof and he wrote in wold chat for backup , I position myself in a deadpoint so I can't get picked knowing he can't know I'm there.. Then he starts talking , I peek out of my position 1 second later 3 headshots.

    1. I take out one of his walls( just so you understand how bad he is at runs he put softside on exterior walls) I pick the wall get inside and camp waiting for him. At some point he calls me out on chat then he pm's me "I love you" 15 seconds later he walks up to his base and enters , 4headshots and 1 body ...

    He's clearly not giving a single fuck , and seems nor you guys.

  • Thnx for the report, We will inform the staff

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