Another report for Jkoko

  • Here is the deal - i have written alot and it wouldn't let me paste it in the forum.
    Here is the link with the full report.
    And please dont delete this one.
    And if anyone would like to add anything else to this please post it in the comments.

  • @miicrosama
    And you miicro, you just have to be ashamed, because you are the only one in history that ADMIN have removed the CM to you because you despise the server and because you were a lazy CM of the cock that did not help the players, and then you just have to be quiet! ! why the next time I see you with fucking eerix hacker you will be banned with your cock friend ok asshole ??? And stop writing shit on me, because your bullshit have no power over me or any of the staff !!! The admin I know well, and we do not need another idiot as eerix !! You have been warned several times !! be careful what you write in the chat and on the forum !!

  • Yours only know how to cry fucking cunt !!!
    you are making you ridiculous !!! haahahah
    OMG !!! LOL
    Do yours think to solve something by saying crap about me ??? Congratulations to all !!!!
    You can shit about me as much as you want, I've never banned anyone !!!
    have always been the decisions of the admin .....
    Pathetic !!!!
    How do you know crying on the forum does not work !!!
    There is so much that respects our work we do !!!!
    And nothing changes to write bullshit !!! AND STOP TO CRY !!!

  • chev chelios <3 well nice job for banning me not only on the game but on website too was this some aprils fool or smth ? as far as i know conversations are allowed in this website saying that i spammed the ban appeal of Berri i just said (privatecrabs is a bit nonsense guy who bans everyone for ESP with no evidence even though he doesnt even have that stuff or he is Always saying ''sorry guys its not worth uploading''

  • Kinda sad that everyone knows that eerix is not a cheater and he keeps getting banned over and over again simply because people dislike him or something. As far as I know, both Miicro and Eerix have been helping mods to catch cheaters when they were asked to. It's a pity to see this server getting ruined by personal issues (?!). The 3 of us have been playing and having so much fun for the last couple of years in the server and we keep choosing Rusticaland because it's the only server we actually enjoy to play in.
    For the part where my name is included in this mess and where apparently i stole and I'm lying about it i don't really have much to say. I thought we were friends, you dumbass ! How dare you do this to me? I guess it was my fault for accepting it instead of refusing.

  • well I agree with you guys all he does is abuse and spawn shit back to back he is one mental guy who need help ...

  • It's funny to see Jkoko building a prison Especially for the players who do not respect him , i mean he spend his time insulting people , threatening them and then , He put people in jail because they reply to his behavior , When eerix got banned (again) yesterday , Jkoko threatened me to ban me if i ever play with eerix again , i told him that he was just being an asshole and that i'm not scared of his threats because i should play with whoever i want to since i'm not playing with a cheater and that crushed unbanned him, and then because of that he put me in jail for +24hrs for disrepect , i mean i just said the truth nothing else and then he came to the jail to make fun with the voice chat so
    I got irritated of his retarded bahavior and i started to leak proofs that he actually gave stuff to his friends 1 day after wipe (ak scraps ammo ressources like 15 k metal )and then because he wants players to respect him and to think that he's a good MOD he muted me For an undetermined time

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • - @Rambo-0 even posted him abusing when he was a CM (I miss rambo) - What is the point of this? Why go and make this? - and another stupid creation by the lovely jkoko

  • nice work jkoko atleast if you abuse the system or rules dont make it so easy to find out you know :D becouse whats the point of beying harrased all day long. well most of the owners will ignore this and will be like eyooeeey jkoko its nice that you abuse our system but atleast make it with no evidence what so ever. boom bam bap barrabap bum pow (ooooooooohhhhh) R O A S T E D* and jkoko when the hell will you GTFO from you moms house becouse you cant even find a simple hijabi girl around

  • @eerix1188 hijabi girl

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