Dream Comes True

  • hey its me nickoler :D

    Been playing on this server for six months and by far i think this is the best server out there xD , six months ago when i first joined this server it had like 10players i thought i would play on other servers but i really liked the admins of the server and i saw admins hard work to make the server get alot of peoples so i didnt left the server and i kept playing on this server , everyday the server was getting better and better and newer people kept joining ::D, better protection against hackers , ( i even got raided by a hacker once but admin returned me my loot ::D ) , gathers and other stuffs were perfect not too much and not too low , alot of amazing plugins and stuff ,  and after all of plugin updating , banning hackers , hard working of admins we finally reached like 50players a day which was insane for a cracked server <3 I love ya admins , i love this server <3 ::D i hope you guys always keep this server alive <3

  • Enjoy your ban, cause we won't miss you.

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