Banned for no reason

  • Hello, dear administration! I was banned because of what was not! I was banned for ESP AIM! In general, how it was and how I understood it! In general, I built the house and since there was a full resource I was checking so that there was no one near me! Then I saw for a second that a man was creeping towards me! I cheered and gave him 2 heads with a revolver! To which I received the answer that I'm cheating with Esp and AIM! And he was banned! I do not use cheats and did not use them! Help me figure it out! The moderator said that he filmed everything, look carefully!
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  • what's is your steam ID?

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  • T

    bro i still want u to see my probleme cause i dont use hacks i swear
    u can ask my teamates we was having fun together
    and then someone come in front of me and i didn' even shoot heme my friend killed heme and i got banned how that's cant be bro

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  • Ban appeal DENIED! ...

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