Got ban for ESP

  • my name is 7mody 
    hello i got ban for ESP and all my clan we raide some bases one base in was niko base he had 2 armer dores i see him sleping trog the flore so i pick up it was hes mine loot room he reported me for ESP i was going to raid guy name 800 so some one from hus clan roof camp me i kill him 2 time i was going to my base i got time out wen i log in i was ESP ban and i never ues cheats i think i need to be un ban bec i did not brake any of the server rules i playing on the server like 2.5 years ago

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    @Jkoko saw me with cheats and u say that i didint kill ur friend and i didint see the tag fucking admin in chat say u killed my friend with scripts hmm dont try and cover up ur bs just unban me and stop lying

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