• " PRAVZ" this guy... omg, Listen to me, you cannot BAN people because JUST YOU THINK they have cheat, there is anticheat program installed, YOU NEED PROOF, GIVE ME SCREENSHOT that you DETECTED cheat in our players, YOU PUNK!!!!!!! GROW UP AND LEARN TO PLAY,  I know its hard to handle when you are the best on the server and you got FUCKED UP by nobody on the server, grow up and handle it like a man, we never used cheat, we dont know how to, im honest and telling the truth, GIVE ME PROOF for this ban and i will accept it, otherwise  i want this guy PRAVZ removed from the STAFF, or whoever gave us the ban, DID I SAY i was offline durring the ban ??? why me ???? I UNDERSTAND you cant handle the truth , i write POST's everywhere on your websites, on facebook about your shitty work, your childish behaviour, and the fucked up server full with cheaters, THIS IS THE ONLY REASON FOR THE BAN AND I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THIS + THIS IS THE PROOF THAT ADMINS WORK WITH [KOR] CLAN, GROW UP AND FIX THIS OR GIVE ME PROOF PRAVZZZZZZZZZZZ PROOFFFFFF YOU PUNK!!!!! you cannot ban me because you feel like, and YEA YOU SAW NOTHING YOU BLIND DOG, i tell you me and my clan were never useing cheats THATS WHY IM FCUKING ANGRYYYYYY!!!!

  • I banned you. For the same reason why I banned you the first time. I know what I saw, you made it so obvious I had to step on crusheds toes and ban you again. So instead of coming here insulting our other staff members, think about removing your cheats before you join another server. If you are appealing, denied..

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