• Players banned : Ndrangheta . ITEBOBS . Greedy aMx , clan: ProdiG , reason: because we killed someone with admin power !!!! 
    Here what happened, my friends killed [KOR] K4SS  and after this, clan [KOR] they said on the chat "NOW YOU WILL SEE", and ban to all of us...
    Where is the justice here, what is the reason ???? IF THERE IS NO REASON i want the guy who banned us removed from this server asap, or i will make sure everyone here and all your website know the thruth about your server and admins that abuse power....

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  • WTF u saying ??? LOL
    you didn't understand anything of what I wrote on the post !!
    are you already saying shit because I wasn't even ONLINE !! loooll
    and we don't need to be online for saw hackers!
    which friends???!! I don't know what you're making up or what you're talking about !!
    I repeat: I was NOT in the game !!

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