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    [][size=medium][font=Georgia][size=xx-large][size=large][size=medium][size=small]What is your name?[/size][/size][/size][/size][/font][/size]
    ][size=medium][font=Georgia][size=small]Why were you banned?[/size][/font][/size]
    I have no idea. I logged off at night and was banned while I was asleep.
    [][size=medium][font=Georgia][size=small]Do you admit that you used cheats / hacks?[/size][/font][/size]
    I do not cheat or hack
    ][size=medium][size=small][font=Georgia]Why do you think you should be unbanned?[/font][/size][/size]
    Because I did nothing wrong[/list]

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  • @godless don't say "you didn't do anything"!, this is my job and I heard so many excuses for hacking ... if you admit it maybe I could help you ,,,,
    maybe we see in 60 days for unban ....
    and making false accusations does not help you buddy ,,,, Bye bye

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