Got banned cause I had an stupid program installed.

  • Hello my ingame name is Night0killer0 I got banned because I had an hack installed well there wasent the whole hack just a file of it which I forgot to delete,Which I never used in the Rusticaland server once tried it on the reverse but didnt worked so I deleted it but forgot to delete one file of it and if you guys dont trust me check the logs thats why I was banned for when it said you got kicked I immediately deleted that file.I promise I will never install anything like that again,I would really appreciate if you guys will unban me :angel: :angel: :angel:

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  • @godless don't say "you didn't do anything"!, this is my job and I heard so many excuses for hacking ... if you admit it maybe I could help you ,,,,
    maybe we see in 60 days for unban ....
    and making false accusations does not help you buddy ,,,, Bye bye

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