Uban Appeal

  • -What is your name?
    -Why were you banned?
    Multihack detected
    -Have you ever cheated?
    I have used cheats in rust legacy but have not used cheats in rust experimental/ rust reboot.
    I think i should get unbanned because i think i was unbanned fairly - Me and my friend "Jamie XD" (Who got also banned) we ran around looking for people and we came across one of the [FEAR] members farming, so we killed him. Then 2 more came 1 with semi and 1 with custom and me and my friend killed them with bow so they complained in chat that we didnt die. Later on we go back there there are 4 of them and they kill me and my friend, so i decide that we have had enough with their shenanigans and we go back with aks that i have taken from [KOR] base. We kill em and keep killing them. Then they tell us they got lots of people and to try again so we go  back there and we try fight them - we keep killing them apart from this kid "Niko" (Old name "KajMak64Bit") who i keep headshotting and it is only doing 10-20 dmg. Then we push the base and he isnide of it and tripple headshots me and my friend which i find really suspicious considering last wipe he was complete dog shit and had to get people to come kill me/ "Miicro Sama".  Then we try go back and jamie kills 3 of them and a couple seconds later Jamie XD gets banned so i cuss at them and then i get banned for Multihack detected!

    Thank you for reading my ban appeal and i hope we can get this resolved!

    Your kind regards,

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