• [size=large]HI ALL [/size]
    [size=large]  i was thinking about new server  it will be good or not ?  i think we need some server  to play in  it   and Does not happen full FOR THE SERVER   :-/ :-/ :( :( and  there is one server only and it was official  (hard)  [/size]
    [size=large]  i think we need more server  maybe modded or x2   all player play in  team [/size]
    [size=large]  Although the server was  hard most player build and have things as modded how ? i think by the big teams   they are programmer play in this system [/size]
    [size=large]  it will be good to have some server not player Until they are distributed In a fair way [/size]
    [size=large]good server not modded or official (hard)  [/size]

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  • what's is your steam ID?

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  • T

    bro i still want u to see my probleme cause i dont use hacks i swear
    u can ask my teamates we was having fun together
    and then someone come in front of me and i didn' even shoot heme my friend killed heme and i got banned how that's cant be bro

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  • Ban appeal DENIED! ...

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