BASE INSIDE THE ROCK and more hack/bug

  • These people are using bug and cheat.  ( EXUS - ARICA AND HIS CLAN) SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH. 1.Base glitch inside the rock, i was out and he killed me inside the rock. I don't know how , but they have always ammo and others things. 2.They builded  a tower  near our base and they placed only 1 door.(genius.) . We raided them and now for first thing someone that flyed and stoled my stuff(waepon,ammo) and now this tower disappeared. 3. I Think they are using a type of bug  4.I posted some screen of base glitch and where tower disappeared. Killed me inside this rock [img][/img] [img][/img]   [img][/img] And now they created a new base (GENIUS) beacuse i told them for the report.  [img][/img] Here there was the tower. [img][/img] POSSIBLE BUG ABUSING TO GET ITEMS. [img][/img]

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