Team Application (CM)

  • Your Name?  (ManZee)

    How old are you?   25

    How long are you playing on Rusticaland? 4-5 wipes

    How long are you playing Rust ? about a year now but been on and off

    How many hours a day can you be Online? depend on the day but i did play this wipe 173:46:41 hours tops so far

    How many hours a day can you be Avalible? ( Like Teamspeak, Steam chat , etc.) 4-5

    Did you already got any experience as an ingame admin, mod or similar? tbh no

    Why you want to be admin/mod // Why you want to work in our team? i do like the team Jay - Pro - HUN - Miicro ,and i do think i can help with stopping the spam in the chat and also i do want to see this server become better than any other server and i wanna be part of that

    Did you got experience  in...
    -Programming? ( C#, Java, HTML, SQL, PHP)  some Basic C++ and some basic android didn't have a reason to go deeper in programming till now

    -Maintaining Teamspeak?-Maintaining a Website?-Maintaining a Forum?  used to run a Discord server when it was just out while i was playing BnS

    Thanks For Reading my Application :)