Ban Appeal

    • My IGN is [b]Bob[/b]
    • I was banned because of "[b]cheating[/b]"
    • I do not admit of using [b][s]cheats[/s][/b] or any [b][s]external software[/s][/b] to enhance my gameplay
    • The first reason why I think I should get unbanned is because I didn't use [b]cheats[/b] ofc, I also provided the footage I have, the only defence there is to me rn.
         [b]2.[/b] reason is because I think I only got banned because 1 or [b]2 clans[/b] have too much [b]power[/b] on the server, no one did anything while I was killing [b]Bxwis, Ang[/b] and his [b]clan[/b] and even though
         they reported me nothing has happened (I have footage of that also). As soon as I kill some kid [b]erix[/b] I get banned 5 minutes later, he's also friend with mod which is awesome.
         [b]3.[/b] reason I think I deserve a second chance to play on the server, you can spectate me as much as you want and If I have cheats I'll get caught sooner or later, If I don't I have nothing to worry about.

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