Ban appeal | ecdgl, Giblede

  • [size=small][font=Georgia]-What is your name? ecdgl and Giblede (that's two players ban in same reason, same day, same time)[/font][/size]
    [size=small][font=Georgia]-Why were you banned? We are not sure, but we're guess for hacking, cuz we accually called admin a hacker.[/font][/size]
    [size=small][font=Georgia]-Do y[/font][/size][size=small][font=Georgia]ou admit that you have / had cheats / hacks? No we don't. We both are legal steam users and one of us have 1600 played hours, other one is about 300-400 hours of this game. So what is the point of hacking.[/font][/size]
    [size=small][font=Georgia]-Why do you think you should be unbanned? I thinks yes, because there was big misunderstanding in this situation. Admin in lunch site were rocketing BRADLEY and we were not sure it's hacker or something, so attacked him, he with no warning and other reason started to rocket at us, killed one with SMG. In that whole PVP time one of us (me ecdgl) were spaming in chat for help from admins and that admin PrivateCrabs were not answering. After I ran away and my friend Giblede was killed by PrivateCrabs with smg through the wall. We met each other in base, we were asking about what happend, hoping to get some answers from that admin, and he accused us for hacking, [size=small][font=Georgia]threatened to ban us. We were like "wtf" or something, and in few minutes that happend.[/font][/size][/font][/size]

    [size=small][font=Georgia][size=small][font=Georgia]I'am not sure there is our mistake or that admins, but we wasted all day waiting for help. Sorry if we did something wrong...Just...We are vanilla players, admins don't play in those servers with noclips and godmodes, so sorry.[/font][/size][/font][/size]


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  • I agree with Crushed about this:
    "" He does great work. But the front end / support stuff, is not one of his professions. ""
    Well .... My profession is hunting cheaters-hackers!
    you already have a ban for cheats on an old server, and you've been on my blacklist for a few weeks ...
    With all the evidence and all the reports I could give you immediate Permaban also on our server ... I was kind and I wanted to give you another chance, for 3 hours I wrote you to install our Launcher always asking "please".
    And you always invented absurd excuses !!
    Last thing, don't make chat conversation cuts just to get me
      look bad at all ... and you're a poor victim!
    And you're not ... You have to be honest ...
    Bye bye :)

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  • So I do have the use the Rusticaland launcher to play on the server?

    EDIT: This is the error I get every time I try and use the launcher.

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  • Greetings.
    It is maybe true, that this is not a written rule that's displayed anywhere, and we are setup for it - so all players can join- ( not only with our launcher or client )
    But, as i already said and quote :
    "its not a basic rule .
    But if one player repeatedly gets reported by players + our plugins, shows suspicious behavior , he CAN use the launcher to prevent himself from being banned with false reason"

    That this just now happen in an unfortunate moment,- where the launcher is not yet fully bug-free , is just bad luck .

    Im currently working mostly of all my daily 24h time on the Launcher to get it ready asap.

    Therefor - you still can get unbanned, just have a bit of patience for the working launcher.

    And as an end-note i do have to apologize for some of the inappropriate behavior from Jkoko.
    He does great work. But the front-end / support stuff, is not one of his professions.

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