Banned for Devlog188 Error?

  • After 187 I was on during reset so I downloaded 188 and tried to login but now I am banned? I don't know why?
    My username:[color=#99ffff] [/color][size=small][font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][color=#99ffff]MJ847ZWH4L [/color][/font][/size]

    Could you at least tell me why I was banned? I actually have gameplay before the ban because I was recording some players which I can upload to YouTube and link here.
    ExtremeEdition did ban me once as a joke because I said "#BlameX" in chat but it was temporary for 0 seconds. I did submit two fake tickets saying "you suck" and "loser" as a funny prank but then Extreme warned me soon after. I did have my clan name "ADMLN" but Exteme asked me to change it soon after. I did say "say 1 if you're gay" in chat right before server reset counter go to one, as a funny joke. I did edit an unlocked sign in spawn and write, "MJ847ZWH4L is cool sorry Extreme Idiot". At the time I did not know ExtremeEdition and Jkobra told me to write it, I thought that was his actual username.

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