Bug and Exploit Found

  • This message is to explain a bug and a huge exploit I found Yesterday 21 october, I did not had time to verified if it can be done on other server similar to Rusticaland as I did not had the time to play at all this week-end. But what I do know for certain is I can do it on Rusticaland and I hope Im the first one to figure it out.

    I did ask a player wich I will not mention is name for now, to test this bug/exploit with me. He was also able to do it since it does not required any hacking of any sort.

    Anyways Im asking for Extreme or Crushed to talk to me directly about this and fix this bug/exploit. Im not talking  about it here as I dont want people to try and abuse this exploit.

    You can send me a private message or try to reach me in game and ill log into Teamspeak and explain it all.

    Talk to you soon, after all .... preventing cheaters hackers and exploiter is what we all want on Rusticaland !!!

    The French Canadien  !!

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