Banned by mistake

  • Hi . me and my brother play on your server and my brother got a 2 day ban from the wheel of fate and since he wasn't playing on his PC I wanted to play on it so I logged in with my account which banned my account saying BAN EVADE .I didin't know that this could happen so could you un-ban my account please .
    thank you

    my brothers account is dark7ghost77 if you need it .

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  • what's is your steam ID?

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  • T

    bro i still want u to see my probleme cause i dont use hacks i swear
    u can ask my teamates we was having fun together
    and then someone come in front of me and i didn' even shoot heme my friend killed heme and i got banned how that's cant be bro

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  • Ban appeal DENIED! ...

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