Chat Mod Abuse ( Jkoko )

  • The Chat Mod Jkoko or Jkobra from Clan Barjot is muting and insulting people for no reason at all. He is acting like a kid and I dont think he fully speak english well enough to even deserve beeing a CM.
    Each time hes on I see him insulting players with word a CM should not be using. Im playing here to have fun, Im a VIP and I donated cause I appreciate the work you do, I have been on this server over 3 years now and I dont feel like someone that is a CM should tell me that I am a Bitch and to go fuck myself.

    I was just muted for 1 hour while I was talking about how old he could be.  This is abusing of he priviledge and I think he should not be giving the priviledge to be a CM.

    I hope you will talk to this person and hopefully remove hes right as Chat Mod

    Thanks again

    The only French Canadian

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