• Hello everyone, i downloaded and joined this server a few days ago with 2 other friends of mine, today i logged in to see if our base wasn't raided, everything good so far, yet today i was typing the adress and it said im banned, i don't know what i've done but im sorry if i broke any rules.. i read the rules and it's clear that cheating isn't allowed, so far as i know i didn't cheat in any way, yet the reason is "cheats", could anyone explain me  :huh: well thank you for reading, hope to see a reply

    EDIT (Forgot to read the ban appeal):
    My name is Vodka, the reason i was banned is due to "cheats", i've never used any kind of "cheats" InGame, and in my opinion it's not even possible to cheat in it because the game has an anticheat and all the servers own an anticheat, only a stupid man would use anything like that, also the reason that i should be unbaned is due to the reason that i stated earlier.. i download the game a few days ago and directly joined this server actually was the first server i found for me and my 2 other friends, i'm sure that i didnt use any kind of cheats, i just logged to check if our base was not raided/destroyed, when i realised i was banned, i hope to see a further reply from an admin/owner, thankyou for reading and im sorry for taking your time, once again thank you.

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