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    [][font=Arial Black][size=medium][size=xx-large][size=large][size=medium][size=small][size=large]Чаубунагунгамауг[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/font]
    we suck?-rep
    ][font=Arial Black][size=small]no i do not play with cheats[/size][/font]

    [][size=x-small][font=Arial Black]because im good player i have played for rust over 1000h and i get called hacker? 2 kids reported me for killing them and instant ban gj.. i jumped in 1 guys base from a rock or something u can check logs its there he said im jumphacking 2nd kid just got shot in his ass when he was building up to hes base and i fell in i started picking myself out of there and when i heard him come i took my ak out and waited for him to come inside so i can get out and i dont have to pick so long. then i heard him come 2nd time but he didnt get in base so i wated with ak and at that moment i got banned..[/font][/size]
    ][size=x-small][font=Arial Black]i farmed like 9k sulfur... if u want i can download some shit screen recorder and play with that but idk what my fps will be like [/font][/size]
    [/list][size=xx-small][font=Arial Black][/font][/size]

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