Team application

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    [*]Your Name? sekka(real:mahmoud)

    [*]How old are you? 18

    [*]How long are you playing on Rusticaland? 1 month

    [*]How long are you playing Rust ? 1 month

    [*]How many hours a day can you be Online? like 7 or 8 houres

    [*]How many hours a day can you be Avalible? ( Like Teamspeak, Steam chat , etc.) 7 or 8 houres

    [*]Did you already got any experience as an ingame admin, mod or similar? no

    [*]Why you want to be admin/mod ? to help in improving the server and clear it from cheaters and modders and help the new players and i will record my screen every time i open rust and send it to u admins if there is a hacker

    [/list][color=#eeeeee][size=small][font=Hind, sans-serif]Specific -
    []Did you got experience  in...
    ]-Programming? c# after on month i will have it 
    -Maintaining Teamspeak?-Maintaining a Website?-Maintaining a Forum? no
    thanks for reading this

  • my email
    if u want to tell me any thing