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CM application
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CM application

  • Your Name?     Yasser (Raijin

  • How old are you?     24

  • How long have you been playing on Rusticaland?     ~3 Months.

  • How long have you been playing on Rust?     3 Years.

  • How many hours a day can you be Online?     6-8 Hours.

  • How many hours a day can you be Available? ( Like Teamspeak, Discord, Steam chat , etc.) 5 Hours.

  • Did you already get any experience as an ingame admin, mod or similar?  Not yet

  • Why you want to be CM/Mod/Admin // Why you want to work in our team? 
          Well i love this server i had so much fun playing in it and i don't wanna see it going downhill because of cheaters and hackers that's why i wanna be a part of the team so i cant help taking out the trash

  • Do you know any of our current staff members?(If you do, please specify by naming the staff member that you know)? ExtremeEditionHUN.Jkoko.HentaiLover

  • What languages can you speak fluently? English-Arabic.

  • Did you get/have experience in Programming? ( C#, Java, HTML, SQL, PHP) *
         no but im interessted in that

  • Did you get/have experience in Maintaining Teamspeak, Website, Discord or Forum? yea im on ts alot 
    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know.

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