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Mod or Admin Application
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Mod or Admin Application

Your Name? -My real name is Eriks and my in-game name is Eerix1188 or MooGoesCow
How old are you? -I am 14 soon to be 15 on the 1st of July 2018          
How long are you playing on Rusticaland? -Around 3+ Years
How long are you playing Rust? -I have been playing since nearly day 1, i have the game on multiple accounts and i also played for long cracked
How many hours a day can you be Online? -I can be online for at least 5 hours+ every workday and all of the weekend
How many hours a day can you be Available? ( Like Teamspeak, Steam chat , etc.) -I can be available for at least 5 hours+ every workday and all of the weekend (Depends if im playing a different game)
Did you already got any experience as an in-game admin, mod or similar? -Yes, i was an admin in a SA:MP server and on Minecraft
Why you want to be admin/mod // Why you want to work in our team? -I don't see much admins/mods doing alot anymore like helping players and or banning hackers, because i am online everyday i can go on the server check on people and help them out whenever they want help and whatever they want help with. I also am pretty friendly so i would not have problems with people not liking me.
Specific -
Did you got experience  in...
-Programming? ( C#, Java, HTML, SQL, PHP) C++ (I havent programmed with C++ for a couple of years now so i dont remember much)
-Maintaining Teamspeak?-Maintaining a Website?-Maintaining a Forum? I do maintain a discord server for my friends but thats about it

Thank you for reviewing my application!  Smile

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