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about anticheat
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about anticheat

i'm a guy have banned with hax3s. i'm so bad. sorry, but i need to know admin only detect me when i'm using free hack a.k.a hax3s.dll ? if i make my own cheat with another name and free source on internet, i'll not get detected ? i do this cuz first time i'm playing on this server, 1 clan really big have 2 member using hack + wall bug to raid all of us (6-7 ppl defense). they only headshot and know where we are, breaking 1 way to main loot room. idk why they can keep playing to now without get banned to right now ? ( few month ). i know admin do better they can but still need more. i just change name of .dll for play without detected in 1-2 month.
sorry for my fault and my English not good

Hax3s.dll as the reason of ban is just a reason in case we detect the existence of that type of hack, our custom anticheat plugin can detect injectors, proxy cheats, etc. Generally we are not banning immediately, doing tests on their "own" cheats. Every cheater make mistakes and we can detect and check those, so noone can run away from the banhammer. And as a cheater you have NO RIGHT to cry because of other cheaters. You are the same problem like them.

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