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Chat Mod Abuse ( Jkoko )
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Chat Mod Abuse ( Jkoko )

The Chat Mod Jkoko or Jkobra from Clan Barjot is muting and insulting people for no reason at all. He is acting like a kid and I dont think he fully speak english well enough to even deserve beeing a CM.
Each time hes on I see him insulting players with word a CM should not be using. Im playing here to have fun, Im a VIP and I donated cause I appreciate the work you do, I have been on this server over 3 years now and I dont feel like someone that is a CM should tell me that I am a Bitch and to go fuck myself.

I was just muted for 1 hour while I was talking about how old he could be.  This is abusing of he priviledge and I think he should not be giving the priviledge to be a CM.

I hope you will talk to this person and hopefully remove hes right as Chat Mod 

Thanks again

The only French Canadian


We will check the logs and in case of abusation of mute permission JKobra will be warned and / or his CM rank will be revoked (final decision is always the owner's.)

Extreme efficiency in extreme conditions.

But you are kidding Rambo ??? ahahaha
you also accused Miicro for "abuse night" !!! ahhaha
I have a lot of friends here and we all joke together! If you are scandalizing for language DO NOT READ THE CHAT!
And if you put MUTE there is always a reason I explain after the MUTE! AND I NEVER HAVE ABUSED !!
that I do not deserve CM and I can not speak English well ... for your information I can speak perfectly 4 languages !!! English and a new language for me ok ?!
good bye


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