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Infinite loading screen
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Infinite loading screen

Hello ,i'm new with rust i never played it ,at first i downloaded it from kinghts table server and i had that problem : an infinite loading screen and whatever i did it didn't worked , i tried :
1. Create new Steam account
2. Login and play Rust. Then close rust. 
3. Logout of your new Steam account. 
4. Login to your old Steam account and play Rust. 
wich a lot of people got their problem solved by doing but it didn't worked for me and then i downloaded the skidrow version and i could with go to the menu but with that version i couldn't connect to servers ,so i posted on a forum and somoene told me to download the rusticaland version so i did but still the same probleme ,but the difference is now that i have 2 issues : 
1- when i launch the game normaly it's says to me that i'm not logged into steam but i am i don't know why it's not figuring that i'm connected to a steam account 
2- or when i launch the game with admin rights it's just freeze on the loading screen 
So please if anyone has a solution plz tell me

I finally found a solution just put the graphic options to simple and launch it and it will work

well i have a perpetual 3 skins dawnloading. and no stings are gona help me in that, i have reinsaled 2 times the luncher and in this new update evry time i teleport i get that 3 skins dawnloading permanent thingy

naw its wors instead of 3 the skins have gone up to 4 wtf, haw can this be fix.

Hi Admin, i was teleporting to safe zone . but i cant wake up. Im stuck , the game is working fine. but if i come to safe i cant able to wake up. now im in safe zone. my player name is logsin007 . plzzz teleport back to my home. here after i'll never come to safe. for the past 20hrs i cant able to play. plzz fix this issue.

(06-02-2017, 03:04 AM)BlackDoomsday Wrote: I finally found a solution assurance chat just put the graphic options to simple and launch it and it will work

I'm a new member and i'm looking for the link to download some new cool wallpaper because mine has been deleted!

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