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Hey Admins! Tis I, Goddessofthehobos!

Since I spend so gosh darn much time on this server, I figured, I may as well put myself to some use and be an extra helping hand, since I seem to be online during the slow time for the server (usually between 11pm-5:30am Pacific Time) , when no other admins are around. I often notice players needing help during that time, and no one is around to help them. I try to help with what I can help with, but I can only do so much as a lowly hobo player. I love this server, and everytime I do leave for a little bit, I always end up coming back very quickly. Its truly the best server around in my opinion, the only thing that would make it better would be more players, and I think having admins available more often would really help in gaining and keeping a bigger regular player base. 

  • Your Name?  GoddessoftheHobos

  • How old are you?  Between 25-30...A lady doesnt tell her real age         

  • How long are you playing on Rusticaland? 5 Months very regularly, 9 months on another account non-regularly

  • How long are you playing Rust ? 1 1/2 years on experimental and about a year playing legacy

  • How many hours a day can you be Online? 1-6

  • Did you already got any experience as an ingame admin, mod or similar? I mod various semi-popular youtubers live stream chats on the regular

  • Why you want to be admin/mod // Why you want to work in our team?
Specific - Please see my explanation above. Smile
  • Did you got experience  in...

  • -Programming? ( C#, Java, HTML, SQL, PHP) Basic HTML experience as well as very experienced with maintaining/running building websites, video editing, marketing, promotions, forum admin etc. 


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