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~ Application ~ SimplyNoxus
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~ Application ~ SimplyNoxus


  • Your Name?  (Doesnt HAVE to be your real name) 

  • IRL - Luke / InGame - SimplyNoxus

  • How old are you?          

  • 17

  • How long are you playing on Rusticaland? 
    •  Not going to lie slightly under a month but i do contribute 8-13hours a day into this server since i've first joined

  • How long are you playing Rust ?
  • 6Months

  • How many hours a day can you be Online? 
  • Work Days 7-8 Hours between 7pm-3am GMT +0 / Most Days 8-13Hours between 1pm-3am GMT +0

  • Personal Statistics ~
    • Do you own and use a microphone: Yes
    • How many hours do you play on our server(s): 8-13Hours
    • Do you visit our forum: Yes
    • How much time do you log on our teamspeak: Currently 0

  • Did you already got any experience as an ingame admin, mod or similar? 
  • I have previously owned a server but shut down due to dying out of players as time went on but this is about all my experience  Angel

  • Why you want to be admin/mod // Why you want to work in our team?
  • I believe i can help the server out with any ingame questions such as new players asking how to change settings sounds asking about server commands and how to play [In which i have been recently answering new players questions who have joined the server i have helped some learn how to play and others to learn simple things upon the server also tips that can help them survive and even offered time out my day to help with their bases using my recourses]
  • Also because there is not a lot of staff online during my hours so i could offer my assistance there

  • Would i want the ability to spawn items?
  • Most people tend to abuse the creative side system that comes with being a staff member but personally i would never spawn in a single item due to i find it ruins the survival aspect of the game and i really feel like it ruins things for the server the only time i would ever spawn items is if the higher ranks of staff would ask me to help them design something maybe for a safezone etc

  • How to get in touch
  • Until i have installed teamspeak you can easily get in touch with me throughout the day on skype
  • Simplynoxus - Will appear as ~ Luke ~
  • Steam - SimplyNoxus

  • Personal Information ~
    • About Self: Addicted To Fizzy/Soda what can i say
    • What community, or server rules do you see broken: Mostly different language spoke in chat
    • How would you improve the current staff team: A few more active staff members i only see extreme on the server
    • What suggestions do you have to improve the current server: Keep heading in the right direction and as mentioned a few more active staff members so that it's not all on a small team
    • Favorite quote, or saying: Boi.
    • Weaknesses/Strengths
    • Strengths - Dedicated - Love to help - Try to understand others inputs on a situation
    • Weaknesses - Short tempered [Depending on the situation] - Swear a bit too much not meaning too
    • Now the reason why i added both strength/weaknesses is because i believe the server should know what type of people they recruit people hate to tell the truth about weaknesses because they see it as a negative in a application yes it is but it shows you can be honest towards the server you are applying for.
    • Hobbies
    • Boxing,Gaming,Java coding,Html Code,Karaoke,Making people laugh
    • Maturity level 
    • 7-8/10 Not the most mature person as i like to have a laugh with people on in game chat but when it comes down to being set a task or my job i will hide that side until i have sorted the situations/task
Specific -

  • Did you got experience  in...

  • -Programming? ( C#, Java, HTML, SQL, PHP)  HTML / Java
    -Maintaining Teamspeak?-Maintaining a Website?-Maintaining a Forum? I have maintained a website and forum before but if i am completely honest with you guys never a teamspeak Smile
This is about all for my application, i hope you have a good day/night and hope to hear from you soon
~ Kind Regards
SimplyNoxus - Luke

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