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Collaboration offer
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Collaboration offer

Hello crushed!
You probably dont know who am i but thats okay,  let me introduce myself! I am random guy from Czech republic who is interested in programming and who's skills should be useful. I can help you make your server less vulnerable to attacks of "hackers" Big Grin So if you are interested in our potentional teamwork in future contact me on my mail:
BTW: Your last launcher was terrible if you want i can help you make it better (and tell me why you had passwords compiled in that executable)

Hi Crushed,
How are you?, I want to say that your server is the best server I play on rust!!!! I saw that there are ffrench people on this server like me I just ask If I can be a admin rust because I am a rust players and If there are french people who they need help so I will can help them so I just ask that ?
Thank you for your answer

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