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What is VIP about on Rusticaland?
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What is VIP about on Rusticaland?

In my Opinion, VIP, Donators or else players that paid Money, shouldnt be "op"  or provided with an crazy amount of stuff.
I hate games that are "Free to play" ( while rust is just free in our cracked case) 
but then are "pay to win". You try to be a good player on the server. Farming, grinding, fighting.....
and then a pretty new player comes around, kills you, stealing all your stuff just only because he paid some money.

Well, thats why in our case VIP is NOT "Pay to Win".

Further, every donation and VIP Purchase will be used to keep the Server alive.

On Rusticaland as an VIP you will be Provided with = 

1.New Kits, Including :      
"vip_starter" = Just a slightly better starterkit. Hatchet, Pickaxe, Furnace, Bed, Pants etc
"vip_clothes" = small kit with some clothes like pullover, Pants, Shoes.
"vip_locks"    = 2 Codelocks, 1 normal Lock.  //  Useable every few Hours
"vip_signs"    = a few signs/pictures to express your feelings //  Useable every few hours
"vip_special"  = 1 Supply signal //  Useable once a Day (24H)

2. New Commands : 
"/backpack" = a small "backpack" to put stuff inside // Drops on death!
"/sil URL" = You can display a .JPG Picture on a sign, a banner or a picture from a URL!

3.More TP/Home:

   HOME - Cooldown = 600s | Max 2 | 10TP DayLimit
             VIP - Cooldown = 300s | Max 4 | 20TP DayLimit

             TPR - Cooldown = 300s | Countdown 11s | 15TP DayLimit
              VIP - Cooldown = 150s | Countdown 7s | 30TP DayLimit

          SAFE - Cooldown 600s | Countdown 10s | 20TP DayLimit
           VIP  - Cooldown 200s | Countdown 6s | 40TP DayLimit


You will get a Room in the Safezone for yourself
This Room cannot be Raided or destroyed.
saved trough your own combination in the Codelock.
The Room contains:
1 Vending Machine with 32 slots for strore / trade
5. Chat

You will get a [VIP] Tag + You get a different color in the Chat

Smile Cool. Now forum is like a real Website. I mean a company website.
Sorry but i got less time to play T_T ( go to work) and i friend use my account to play game almost time when i work. Smile Love Rust

Personally i think that the VIP on the Rusticaland is just Pay to not get raided because nobody is able to raid their rooms at the VIP hotel.....
aint that a much more advantage than giving them some guns ?? i think it is because with the guns we are actually able to raid them... even when they have that stuff
not with the VIP hotel

well. That what u describe will -Maybe- count for upcomming content with the component system.
But for right now, if you able to BUILD the weapons, it doesnt matter if you store them in the VIP room. Even if you loose them. you can build new ones fast. so that
would make no sense. The rooms are actually for stuff that you farmed for a long time. Some shit. thats valuable.
an AK or Bolt is not that much valuable as like 150k stones 150k wood and hq metal. that u may save for another base.
even if we put in a "vip-weapon-kit" theres not that much to it if you get killed and loose the weapons....
Btw. the "storage" in the vip rooms are 1 small chest . There was times at rusticaland where the vip rooms was fuckin like a small base almost.

What would you then say. what should be VIP content?

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