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Ban Appeal - mynambob - 01-12-2018

- My IGN is Bob
- I was banned because of "cheating"
- I do not admit of using cheats or any external software to enhance my gameplay
- The first reason why I think I should get unbanned is because I didn't use cheats ofc, I also provided the footage I have, the only defence there is to me rn.
   2. reason is because I think I only got banned because 1 or 2 clans have too much power on the server, no one did anything while I was killing Bxwis, Ang and his clan and even though
   they reported me nothing has happened (I have footage of that also). As soon as I kill some kid erix I get banned 5 minutes later, he's also friend with mod which is awesome.
   3. reason I think I deserve a second chance to play on the server, you can spectate me as much as you want and If I have cheats I'll get caught sooner or later, If I don't I have nothing to worry about.

RE: Ban Appeal - ExtremeEditionHUN - 01-15-2018


We gathered informations related to combatlog and made tests to check relevant things. After consideration we concluded that you will be unbanned.



RE: Ban Appeal - ZERO - 01-27-2018

first: my account name is : zeronilex
i got banned from this server why ? idont know
i use hack ? : no
why i got banned ????
I want my account to work again
I want to know why I took a ban I never use a hack

RE: Ban Appeal - ProWhite_Ghost - 01-27-2018

You have been tracked for 2 hours and we saw that you support your cheater friend ( derngou,bttlefriend,ksihnr(All same guy with different accounts, trying to ban evades)). You have been giving those accounts loot whenever cheater ban evades and comes back to the base. And the rule is that You will be banned if you don't report the cheater, In your case, you have been helping him by giving him loot and not reporting him.

RE: Ban Appeal - ExtremeEditionHUN - 01-27-2018

You helped a cheater / multiple ban-evader. Nothing to talk about.



RE: Ban Appeal - ZERO - 01-28-2018

I did not know that my friend Hack
I did not see him fly or do anything like hack
So I did not know that
Then I was playing lonely for a long time
Then I played with him for a very short time
So I did not know it was hack
Then I did not talk to him through the speaker so it was hard to communicate with him and know that he was a hack
If I ask you to return my account to work again
I promise I did not play with him or report him



RE: Ban Appeal - canadianboi - 01-29-2018

no bad boi very bad, bad, bad, bad